Woman undecided on what to eat

The biggest obstacle to health: Our beliefs

Every few years there seems to be a health craze from a particular person who purports to have found the Holy Grail to health. Low-carb high fat, low-fat high carb, “essential supplements” for weight loss and, of course, medications. Drugs to suppress appetite or speed up your metabolism.

The Paleo diet, the Bikini diet or the “Eat right for your Blood Type” diet … Which one will you choose? The list is long and arduous. Despite all the scientific data backing various health regimes out there, something but be missing. I often feel like Rocky watching Bullwinkle pull a rabbit out of his hat, again! The real magic can be found in our beliefs!

Beneath our rational thinking brain lies the enormous network of stored emotions, thoughts and life experiences that gets embedded into our subconscious whether we like it or not! The research is clear, we may consciously desire health, but our subconscious may be working to sabotage our efforts!


This dichotomy in brain thinking is real and explains why therapy sessions involving hypnotherapy and ongoing counseling is often needed to access the roadblocks that exist in our subconscious. Our brain and its thinking processes is much like an iceberg of the Antarctic … Think of the visible ice on top as our conscious thoughts, the water surface is our awareness, and the iceberg below is our subconscious.

It was personally fascinating to witness a woman in the UK have a hypnotherapy session for a “virtual gastric band operation”. She went on to lose a whopping 38 kg! Her subconscious had become “programmed” to believing she had the actual surgery. The results were spectacular and her dramatic transformation can be found here.

What is your subconscious telling you? Through professional counseling, coaching and other modalities we can tip the iceberg upside down. Access your subconscious and let it be the driving force for your beliefs.

The prolific writer and scientist, Dr Bruce Lipton has said much in the past few decades on the influence that our beliefs have on our health and biology. Using the analogy of our beliefs as the driver of a car (our bodies), he once said:

“In essence, if you don’t know how to drive, you’re going to mess up the vehicle. In the simplest translation, we can agree that lifestyle is the key to taking care of ourselves. Think well, eat well, and exercise, and your body won’t break down and need new parts.”

Do you have any success stories you wish to share? It would be great to hear from our readers!